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Public Input

During the Enhanced Planning Investigation phase of this project, the MRB South team provided quarterly updates to the Capital Area Road and Bridge District (CARB-D) which are posted on the "Updates" page of this site.


The project team also conducted 25 in-person or virtual meetings with project stakeholders between February 2021 and May 2022, to provide interested parties with project updates and to obtain and document feedback. These stakeholders included public sector and local/state/federal agency representatives as well as private sector stakeholders, including industry groups, navigation interests and major landowners.


The MRB South team was able to utilize feedback from initial investigation and input to reduce the original number of 32 potential river crossing alternatives down to 10 options, which were then shared with the general public at a series of public meetings in Spring 2022. These six public meetings were offered within the four parishes which are a part of the project's 62-mile river corridor study area. Input opportunities were also available through online surveys during this period. Materials from the Spring 2022 public meetings which were attended by nearly 1,200 area residents can be viewed here.  


The public input period relating to the Spring 2022 public meetings has closed as the team moves into the Environmental Evaluation phase of the work. During this phase, additional analyses will be conducted upon the three remaining project alternatives in order to assist in determining which of these three is preferred. The Environmental Evaluation will occur between 2022-2024.


Any comments pertaining to the project should be submitted through the “Contact Us” page until the next period of formal involvement, anticipated to be in 2024.

Spring 2022 Public Meeting Images

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